Community health care program in Massachusetts


Our Services

Active Life staff makes sure that each client’s day is filled with new, comprehensive, fun and safe activities. Activities are designed to keep our clients active mentally and physically. We strive for a safe, friendly, relaxing and culturally appropriate atmosphere for our participants.

Our program offers specific services:

  • Responsible transportation services:  As a highly trusted and committed community health center Fitchburg, we provide reliable transportation solutions for our customers. Our drivers provide the best help for all participants and take them from the house door to the van door with utmost care and vigilance.
  • High quality and balanced meals : We never make any compromise on providing nutritious meals to the participants. We have an experienced nutritionist who knows how to prepare healthy and balanced food.
  • Entertaining, recreational and health-focused social activities: Our community health care programs in Massachusetts comprise of social activities that are developed to encourage happiness, confidence, optimism and self dignity. Some of the activities we offer are field trips, attending music shows, playing interactive games, visiting entertainment spots, working out and getting engaged in crafts. If you want to know about the social activities and specific locations, you can go to our location pages.
  • Services of experienced medical experts : We have a team of on-site nursing professionals who takes care of the medical requirements of the elderly people. Our nurses focus on monitoring the health of each participant in a responsible way. Medications are also administered exactly according to the guidelines.
  • Highly supportive personal help and care : Our community health center Fitchburg offers the best personal care for participants including shaving, hairdressing, showering, dressing and toileting.
  • Appreciable working hours : Our community health care programs in Massachusetts are made available 6 days a week (Monday to Saturday). The day timing ranges between 7:00 am and 4:00 pm. Normal working schedule can be easily maintained by our caregivers due to these timings.
  • Transportation solutions based on appointment : We offer transportation services based on appointment. Our drivers accompany elder people to dental clinics, hospitals and other establishments within a specified time period.
  • Daily activities to offer relaxation and enhance physical and mental health : We offer a broad range of activities for our participants to keep them relaxed and improve physical and mental health. Some of the most common activities are discussions on current affairs, group outings, picnics, pool exercise, relaxation activities, arts and crafts, active floor and table games, music and singing and many more.
  • Special events and activities : Our community health center Fitchburg conducts some special events and activities such as pet therapy, interaction time with kids, birthday celebrations, parties and holiday celebrations.

Medical Services

Our nurses help to facilitate off-site healthcare services including physician care, physical, occupational and speech therapy, podiatry, dental and vision care, psychiatry and psychology counseling.

Social Services

A Certified social worker will help you navigate your way through the many intricacies of obtaining the assistance you are entitled to. They will also schedule and coordinate transport to doctor appointments.

Recreational Activities

Our Activity Director provides creative activities designed to stimulate your mind and muscles leaving you with joy and fulfillment each day.