Senior Daycare Services in Fitchburg Massachusetts

Active Life Health Care Management is an Adult Day Health Center that provides care and companionship for seniors who need assistance or supervision during the day in the Fitchburg area. We are a community-based program designed to meet the needs of adults with psychiatric, physical and/or cognitive impairments and chronic health conditions.

Being a reliable and reputed senior center Fitchburg Massachusetts, Active Life provides for your loved ones a comfortable, secure, friendly and faith-based community with whom they can spend their days. Our program promotes enrichment of the mind, body and spirit through compassionate care. Care is given without regard to sex, age, handicap, religion, or national origin. Everyone who participates in our program shares in the opportunity to celebrate life again and again.

Who We Are

Our adult day health center is for individuals with functional or cognitive impairments. We offer health supervision and nursing care for our guests needing short- term medical and rehabilitative services. Our senior daycare in Leominster Massachusetts focuses on offering the best care and companionship for all participants.

Our experienced medical staff is trained to quickly recognize any physical or mental changes and recommend the appropriate course of action. An added benefit to Active Life Center is our direct communication with each member’s primary care physician. At our senior care center Leominster Massachusetts, we administer individual medical services based on orders from each member’s physician on your physician’s orders to enhance both physical and mental health.

At Active Life Health Care Management, there is always an experienced nurse on duty. We offer a wide range of conduct clinical services, such as blood pressure checks, blood sugar testing, wound care and diabetic teachings. In addition, we manage our member’s medications and ensure that they are dispensed at the appropriate times.

Mission Statement

Active Life Health Care Management is a leader in providing services to improve and enhance the lives of frail adults in the Fitchburg area by combating isolation with contact, support and enrichment. While taking care of our elders we provide support and respite for families who are caring for their dependent older relative. Our program promotes enrichment of the mind, body and spirit through compassionate care. Active Life Senior Center Fitchburg Massachusetts offers an alternative level of care that compliments in-home care, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.